Terms and Conditions for All Students

We offer our training to help those who have a desire to work for the Lord to gain the knowledge and experience that they need to find their place in the Body of Christ.

We expect everything to go smoothly and all to walk in faith, hope and love. However, since we are dealing with sinful human beings, it is inevitable that there may come a time when there are misunderstandings, conflicts or bad attitudes amongst students.

To deal with such situations, we have added the following terms and conditions, which apply to all students who enroll and are accepted into our schools.

Please read them carefully, and make sure that you are prepared to abide by them before enrolling as a student or commencing your studies with us. 

1. All students who are accepted into our schools will be entitled to study with us freely, without any charge being levied for our services.

2. Since it does cost money to run this service, we may from time to time appeal to students for financial help where they are able. 

3. Students are offered an opportunity to be trained to fulfill their calling in ministry. Therefore any person who simply wishes to increase their knowledge, without being trained for the ministry, should not apply to this school. They should rather purchase materials on the subjects they are interested in and study alone. 

4. Our training method involves not only presenting truth in the form of studies and principles, but applying some of these principles directly to the student. This could involve encouragement, motivation, correction, rebuke or even discipline. Any student who is not ready or open to receive such training should cancel their student registration with us, as we cannot train you correctly.

5. The Leadership of the School are to be considered the final authority in all decisions made concerning both the study methods and the status of students enrolled in the school. They will decide whether a student qualifies or fails to qualify, and their decision will be final. 

6. Students who kick against the administering of training and refuse to submit to the authority of the leadership of the school, may be addressed, or even removed as a student. 

7. Students are required to submit projects for marking in order to proceed through their studies. If they fail to submit projects for an extended period, without explaining their delay, or asking for an extension, they may be removed, as 'dead' students occupy space that can be used by those who have a desire to press on and complete their training. 

8. These terms and conditions may  be modified or added to at any time. When this happens, all students will be notified.

9. Since we are training based on our understanding of the Word of God, we require all students to have read and accepted our statement of faith of What we Believe. This can be found at the following location:


If you are unable to accept what we believe, or disagree in any point, then you must either just accept this and study in spite of it, or not enroll as a student. We will NOT tolerate students who engage in doctrinal disputes or challenge our statement of belief while enrolled as a student with us. 

We look forward to working with you in harmony and love and will do our best to help you in any way that we can. We believe that as all students abide by these rules, this goal will be accomplished with joy, and we will all have a happy experience in our studies. 


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Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Mary Brown :

In the terms and conditions where you spoke of everything belonging to the Lord, I do agree. Then it said we should be willing at any time to give it away, which I also agree, but, if we so desire. Not at someone else telling us what and when to give away something that God has blessed us with. My question then is, will there be a time when you'll require us to give up somethong younyhinkbwe should give, other than us willingly or freely giving on our own ?

Reply From Nadine Stohler:

The Lord never imposes His will on us, and neither do we impose our will on others. The Lord gives the tests and we are often simply the examiners who hand out the papers. You always have a free will, but when you fail a test you face the consequences.

We do however reserve the right to refuse to continue to train someone who is arrogant and refuses to accept correction.

What usually happens is we often trigger emotions from past experiences which cause an inner problem to surface. I find myself often being seen as a father and paying the price for mistakes made by natural fathers. People will spew at me and tell me things they never had the courage to tell their own fathers.

This is par for the course, and in the end the inner hurts are exposed and removed.

If you are not ready to face this kind of training, then perhaps you should just buy the books and study alone. But it will take a lot longer for some of these things to be exposed and dealt with.

Response from Obert Alfanet :

Thank you Apostle Les. I am more than willing to go through that

Response from Mary Mendez :

I am willing to go through the training necessary for my spiritual growth.

Response from PR DAVID :

I am willing to go through the training necessary for my spiritual growth and ministry

Response from Rob Armstrong :

I am willing to submit to you all authority, for an opportunity to embrace this Jewel(Training).
Rob Armstrong

Response from Rob Armstrong :

I am willing to submit to all of your conditions which will afford me to receive this precious Jewel(Your Training)

Response from Cornelius P Ginindza :

As the bible teaches me to observe authority thus i shall do by God's help.

Response from Michela letitia Robinson :

Thanks for this oppertunity to submitt to God a little more for the next level that he's blessed me to walk in....hopefully this training will help me.....

Response from Mabjay :

The bible teaches us to Fully submit to our masters, Jesus did Submit to Joseph,(father)to John the Baptist(cousin)to be baptised by him, So Just like Christ I am willing to adhere to the conditions.as long as they are Holly.

Response from Kolawole Adeniji :

I am interested in these studies

Response from Patricia Sishwashwa :

Iam willing to go through the training for my spiritual growth and be submissive to all conditions given.

Response from Lulama konza :

Looking forward to the studies

Response from Walter Hills, Jr. :

After studying several of your books for many years, I am
ready to submit to your Godly wisdom and understanding that
you have poured into others. Thank you, Apostle Les for the opportunity.

Response from Tshepiso :

Looking forward to studying with you as hungry formGod's work as i am

Response from Mark B Hanna :


Response from edmund eksteen :

I agree I just want to forfill my calling I am a humble person

Response from Naomi Obazee :

By the grace of God, I am willing to submit to Biblical principle training .

Response from Shelly :

I need to learn about this course

Response from Khutso Maybenne' :

I cannot lead if I cannot follow. I humble myself and present myself to be taught, rebuked, led and guided. God has put structures in place for us and the authority from Apostle Les Crause and Team, shall be final during my journey with them. I am willing to submit to the Biblical truth and nothing less, His Word having a final authority upon my life, Holy Spirit convicting me and helping me through this life. Thank you GBM Academy for this opportunity

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