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Apostle Les D. Crause (Chancellor)

Global Business Ministries is the final product of many years of preparation by Apostle Les D. Crause. 

Having successfully built a training mechanism for the Fivefold Ministry, Les was led by the Lord to spend a season in training for a new mandate.

After several years of training and producing outstanding teachings on the subject, Les was instructed by the Lord to once again take up his original ministry mandate and combine the two together into a much bigger Ministry Organization than any he had founded previously.

Having merged the Business and Ministry Roads, the Lord now told him to add the third and final road, which is the Social Road.

Thus Global Business Ministries International was born, and launched, and now, using existing Social Media, Les is getting set to build a new approach to social involvement in the Body of Christ.

This will all finally result in the ultimate vision that God gave Les years ago. He showed that those in the End Times Church would walk on three roads at the same time, and that this would produce the greatest church of all time.

These roads are:  The Ministry Road, The Business Road and the Social Road and all three will be made available through

Global Business Ministries International

Daphne Crause

Apostle Daphne Crause (Vice Chancellor)

Apostle Daphne Crause is the wife of Les, and the Apostolic Mother of this ministry, which they founded together.

With many years of experience as a Secretary, Daphne has had exposure to many different business environments, including the mining and medical industries. She is adept at editing, formatting and preparing books and products for publication. And with her knowledge of business she is able to stand in her own right as a Female Entrepreneur.

Daphne's forte in ministry is teaching the subject of Prayer and Intercession, which was her passion as an Apostolic Mother. Now she is reaching even further to teach other basic subjects to believers.

Les and Daphne plan to provide a new model for husbands and wives to work together as a team, both in business and ministry. As Dean Daphne has also made herself available for personal counsel and ministry to students in the GBM Academy. 


Nadine Stohler

Apostle Nadine Stohler (Principal)

Apostle Nadine Stohler was trained under Apostles Les and Daphne and is an active member of the Ministry Team in South Africa.

She stands as a leader in her own right to help bring the Church into this new era, which will reveal God's Pattern for the End Times Church. 

Nadine is a strong leader and mentor, and has a real passion for bringing the Body of Christ into a greater awareness of the love of Jesus, and to help all experience the glory of God.

She functions as a Teacher and is active in helping to train those who are called to the Fivefold Ministry.

John P Crause

Pastor John Crause (Dean)

John is Les's fourth child, and only son. He is the son of Les and Daphne, and is learning to pour out to others all that his father and mother have poured into him. 

Trained in both ministry and business, John holds a unique position for someone his age. He is also unique in that he has never had a formal education and has not spent a single day of his life in a formal school setting.

When Les and Daphne arrived in Mexico there was no school that offered lessons in English, and at that time there were no finances to pay for schooling anyway. So John became a prototype of a new generation. He is proof that a child can be raised without being contaminated by the world system and yet rise up in knowledge beyond his peers.

Today John continues to learn as he always has - through reading books and browsing the internet. He has single-handedly carried the burden of the entire production of resources, first for the ministry division, and now for the business division. Every book, DVD and other tangible product sold has passed first through his hands.

John has a good teaching ministry, flows well as a prophet and is currently in Apostolic Training and Preparation. He has picked up much of his father's anointing and is progressively rising up to take his place as a leader in the Kingdom of God. 

Apostles Ernst and Sonja Haenni

Ernst and Sonja Haenni

Ernst and Sonja were part of Les and Daphne's original Apostolic Family under Global Ministry Resources International. 

When Les and Daphne were led to add the Business Mandate to their Apostolic function, Ernst and Sonja were amongst those of the original family who joined them in this new mandate. They are now an integral part of the leadership of GBMI internationally.

Located in Switzerland, they are building a branch of GBMI there, and reaching out into the surrounding nations in Europe. You will find their personal website in German under our list of GBMI Divisions.

They also oversee the European branch of GBMI, which is represented in our European website.

Both Ernst and Sonja have qualified and been placed in Apostolic Office.




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