Partners Of Gbm Academy

First Name: Alta

Last Name: Freeman

Joined: 01 January 2023

Location: Michigan, United States

Status: Student

I started serving in high school at the local health center, shortly after giving my heart to the Lord I heard my 1st audible scripture and ministry mandate Acts 1:8 called by God, trained by the Holy Spirit as a watchman intercessor to be His witness. from there served as a nurse at my church, several years later my Pastor assigned me to the missionary board where we frequently visited nursing homes, hospitals, and those who were house bound.

During this time I worked as a Customer Service Rep. For Motorola in their cellular division. From their to Hope Network teaching life skills to the mentally & physically challenged.
Served several years at a homeless shelter as a Women’s Substance Abuse Counselor


Completed & trained Missionary’s
Completed Prophetic Training
Human Resource Administrative Assist.
Studied at G.R.C.C
Studied at Grace Bible
Woman’s Counselor
Ordained as a Minister
Currently studying at GBM Pastor/Teacher
Established A.O.L.I.M.
Vision: To speak a word of encouragement to the hurting, to minister deliverance and reconciliation with the Love of Christ.
Mission: To minister the love of Christ to the world.