Partners Of Gbm Academy

First Name: Arnetta

Last Name: Smith

Joined: 01 January 2023

Location: , USA

Status: Student

I’m an introvert , but you wouldn’t know that after meeting me. At first glance, many consider me a very gregarious, congenial, compassionate person. I am all of those things, and they are all gifts. Naturally I love the heart and soul of people. I come to realize that I have an innate ability to illuminate mirror reflections towards most anyone I meet. What does that mean? It means that I am like a mirror you look into that speaks back to you all the positive and wonderful things that truly are in you. Realized or unrecognized.

Over the last decade I learned the importance of having safe boundaries and how to maintain them appropriately. My rule of thumb is always choose love.

I’m on a journey with a backpack filled with experiences and knowledge to share with others and wisdom gained from them too.

My life has been full of challenges, surprises, recessions, and maturation. I believe patience is perfecting. I’m here now to serve, exhibit the grace of God, fulfill purpose, and reveal His glory.