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First Name: Ernst

Last Name: Haenni

Joined: 01 January 2023

Location: ,

Status: Apostle



I had a good childhood. Growing up as the youngest of five siblings. The father went to work and the mother was at home and had all the time in the world for me. Carefree it went through the youth years and school time. Sometimes I asked myself, "Why was I born here?”

In my family, only my grandmother was born again, not my parents or siblings. But there was an awareness of God.

My family has a long tradition in the craft of pottery. So it happened that I learned this profession and was intended to continue the family business later.

In the sports club I attended, we needed new members. So I asked my friend from school if he would like to join the sports club with me. He said yes with the condition that I attend the youth group of his church with him. That's how I came into contact with people who have a relationship with Jesus.


A few years later, someone from church (for whatever reason) asked me if I had ever actually given my life to Jesus. I said no. So she led.... just didn't. Few days later I attended a crusade and at the call I went forward and gave my life to Jesus. (why this detour? Jesus knows.)

A few years of youth ministry and leadership at this church followed, along with carrying on the family tradition.

During this time I also met Sonja. She also attended the youth group of this church. A few years passed until we got married and started a family.


There was a mood of departure in the church. We wanted something new, something fresh, something that would change our lives and reflect God.

During this time Les D. Crause was visiting Switzerland with his team. So it happened that he conducted a seminar in our church. The way of Blessing (short version).

Finally, we found it. Les was (still) grounded in the Word, funny, simple and yet deep in his teaching. So began our journey as a family with GBMI.

Not everyone in the congregation was of the same mind so it came to pass: we left the church and had our first meetings at our home. I loved it. No program, no rushing on Sunday morning, but real fellowship.

I can still remember it like it was yesterday. As a family we attended a GBMI seminar in Mexico. We were sitting in a restaurant and God told me to close the family business. When I asked, Les confirmed that this was from God. 

So we traveled home with the goal of starting completely over. New home, new job, new spiritual parents Les and Daphne and a new family: GBMI.

Since that time I have been on the road with Les and Daphne. Always with a desire in my heart, thanks to God my wife shares the same passion, to help believers live the life God has promised and to them:
A life of abundance, health, and intact relationships. A life of blessing.