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Prophetic Word for 2018

by Apostle Les D. Crause

As I waited on the Lord for clarity on what the year ahead will hold, He showed me a vision of a new rocket being launched. What was distinct about this rocket was that it had three main engines that were causing it to rise up in the sky.

Each engine poured out the same amount of energy, and as all three engines functioned together, the rocket rose up into the sky, becoming visible and heading for its final destination.

I knew that this was a picture of the future church, and I recognized that the three engines represented what I normally refer to as the three roads that we should walk in our quest to fulfill the call of God in our lives.

These are of course, the ministry road, the business road and the social road. Now the Lord was showing me that it is time for these three roads to come together and to be fully manifest in the Body of Christ.

When this happens, the church will rise up and become visible in this world. It will function efficiently and powerfully and accomplish God's purpose in the earth.

Here is The Word That The Lord Gave Me as I waited on Him

To view the message that was also preached on New Year's Eve, giving more details, click the link below to watch on YouTube.

Transcript of this message to follow shortly...

Behold the time is at hand says the Lord, when My church will rise up out of obscurity and become more visible in this world, as a force to be reckoned with. It must show itself to be capable and worthy of presenting Me to the nations of this world, and making My name known and revered.

In the past this has been accomplished with limited resources, and the world system has often dominated and pushed the Church into obscurity. Instead of being strong and a model for all to follow, it has taken second place and allowed the world to be in control.

But now it is time for My people to rise up and take their place says the Lord, and display to this world all that I put into them. It is time for them to become bolder and more aggressive in reaching this world for Me.

Therefore it is time for My power to be manifest in My people in new ways that will transcend the ways of this world.

It is My desire that My people learn to tap into My power and anointing, not only for the purpose of carrying out their ministry calling, but also in all areas of life.

And believers should know how to function and succeed in this world, not using the weapons of this world, but the supernatural weapons that I will place into them by My Spirit.

The Business Calling

The world has majored on the creation of finance and building of business structures that have caused untold wealth to come into the hands of those who are ungodly and use it for their own exaltation and purposes.

Often this wealth is used to not only promote the agenda of the enemy, but also to block the work of those who are called to build My Kingdom in this earth.

Therefore it is time that My people learn how to use My power to tap into the wealth of the wicked and cause it to be channeled into the Body of Christ. It is time that the needed finance is made available to those who are truly called to bring change in this world.

In the past all of this was accomplished only via the work of the ministry, and many ministries majored on creating finance for the work by coercing believers into pouring all of their possessions into the Church.

But I have started to raise up now those whose calling is to tap into the wealth of the wicked and bring it into the Kingdom for the extension of the work.

This effectively has added a second engine to the vehicle that is the Body of Christ, causing it to gain greater momentum and reach further than ever before.

Purpose For The Business Calling

Those who have identified their calling to the realm of business have begun to prepare and rise up to take their place as leaders in the Body of Christ. As they do this, those called to the work of ministry will be freed to pour all of their energy into doing the work of the ministry.

It has taken some time for My people to grasp the fact that money is not evil, and that the generation of finance is not an evil that should be set aside in order to carry out the call to the ministry.

Therefore what was once considered carnal and fleshly is now becoming an activity that is blessed by Me, and is adding greater impetus to the work of the ministry.

The Social Arena

But a new force has arisen in the world system that is fast outgrowing the emphasis on business and the generation of wealth. There has come a revolution in the social world, and an explosion has taken place in the area of social interaction and relationships.

As the world has poured into this new realm, many believers have distanced themselves from it, once again considering it carnal and worldly. And once again the enemy is using something that I created to extend his influence in the world.

Therefore it is time for an additional force to be added to the work of the ministry, that will add even greater power to the Body of Christ. This will be like adding a third engine to the vehicle that is the Church.

This new engine is the full use of the social part of human living to bring the Church to greater visibility and influence in this world.

Once again it has taken time for My people to recognize this force and to embrace it. But they still do this hesitantly, for fear that in getting involved in this area, they are being unfaithful to the call of the ministry.

The Social Calling

But I am raising up a new breed of leaders who will not only spearhead the way into the social area of life, but will do this using My power. For just as I have poured My blessing on those who are called to business, so I will pour my blessing on those who are called to lead the social realm.

And as My body embraces fully all three of these activities in the world - ministry, business and social, there will come a new influence and power that has never been seen before.

And My Body will finally rise up and take its place in this world, as an influence that reaches every strata of society. And every believer will be mobilised to take their place and become part of this new move says the Lord.

Therefore as you enter into the New Year that lies before you, prepare yourself to get involved in all three of these areas. Give each one equal opportunity in your life, and you will not only become more balanced in your activities in this world, but you will become a far greater influence than ever before.

Open your eyes and look about you and see what I am doing in the earth. Do not allow the world to leave you behind, but as believers who carry My power, you must walk on the cutting edge of these new activities.

And I will raise up those who will lead the way and show you the way. I will lead you into relationships that will cause you to grow in these areas. And as your influence increases in all of these areas, you will experience a surge of power to that will cause you to literally take off and rise up to become more visible.

When this begins to happen in your experience, know that My purposes are being fulfilled in you, and you are finally taking your place in this world says the Lord.

The Role of Global Business Ministries International

God has raised up this ministry to help prepare His leaders to fully embrace all of these areas.

The past year saw the first beginnings of training courses and schools dedicated to all of these functions.

The Prophetic School

Everything that God does in the earth must be authorized by those whom God raises up to release His authority into the earth. The prophets carry out this most important role in the Body of Christ.

When God does something new He first calls on the Prophets to birth this into the earth through intercession and decree. So it is important that God's prophets are trained correctly for this purpose.

Last year saw the completion of several classes in this important school, for both first and second years. And many were released into full Prophetic Office during their training.

This year will see the completion of a new curriculum for the Masters course, which is geared specifically towards those called to full Prophetic Office.

The Apostolic School

The launch of our Apostolic School last year caused a new emphasis to come for setting the Church in order, and building on the right pattern.

Many new materials were added to the existing curriculum, and our first group of students began to rise up and take their place as leaders in the new church.

The New Year will see the continuation of this as the second year of the course is laid out. And once again, many new principles will be presented, causing those who are ready to rise up as the true leaders in the Body of Christ internationally.

The Business School

The launch of the first year in our business school caused many to come to a greater understanding of what it means to tap into the power of God to produce wealth in this world.

Many students successfully completed the first year course, and are now ready to move into the second year to learn more about this important calling.

The Pastoral School

Many who are functioning as Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists have failed to fully embrace all that the call to the ministry really entails.

The launch of our Pastoral School has set a new path of learning for all ministers that will cause them to rise up and lead the new church that God is creating as a result of the ministries of the Apostles of the End Times Church.

A new Pastoral movement was also released on the opening of the school, and the year ahead will see much development in this area. Until a new breed of Pastors and Teachers arises to bring the Church to maturity

The Social School

The year 2017 saw the final manifestation of the social road and the first beginnings of a full training curriculum for those who desire to learn how to walk this road.

A full weekend seminar was devoted to the subject of using social media and resources to launch the work of the ministry into a new area.

As the new curriculum is put together, this year will see the launching of a complete school of training for the social road. Look out for it, and get ready to become part of this new move of God.

For more information about our schools, and how to register for new classes in 2018, visit our GBM Academy website by clicking the graphic or link below.

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