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The Schools below are available for those who wish to study with GBM Academy

Students need to enroll as partners to get access to the Gbm Schools, and once they have made their first payment, they are entitled to enroll in any of the Gbm Schools.

To enroll as a partner for studying, select the option Partner Enrollment from the menu.

Study Process

As a partner, you may enroll in any of the schools. You will get immediate access to the first course in the schools you enroll in.

When you have been through all the lectures in that course, you will be given a short thesis to complete that course. This must be submitted for marking before you are released into the next course.

Qualification And Graduation

On completion of the first year, you will be issued a diploma for that school. Completion of the Second Year results in a Bachelor’s Degree from that school. And where there is a third year, you will receive a Master’s Degree.

There will be an annual Graduation Ceremony at Gbm Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa for qualifying students.

How We Train Those Called To The Ministry

GBM Academy is not simply a place to receive lectures and studies, but we also make ourselves available to our partners to train them fully for the calling on their lives. This involves so much more than just lectures and we take our model from both the Lord Jesus and the early apostles.

To give you a better understanding of everything that can be involved, we are giving you access to one of the lectures in our Apostolic School, entitled Jesus’ Training Method.

You can watch the video of this lesson below

For those who want to listen to the audio version Click Here.

Student Benefits

Students receive additional benefits, including full access to all books that have been published by GBMI online at

School of Prophecy

School of Apostolic Ministry

You can find the website at the following web address:

School of Pastoral Teachers

School of Christian Business

School of the Supernatural

You can find the website for this school at the following web address:

School of Success

School of Blessing

We Have Everything You Need

No matter what level of spiritual maturity you are at the moment, we have something that will help you to find your place in the Body of Christ.

Our courses begin at the lowest levels and are presented simply enough to be understood by those who are still young in their ministry experience. Yet they are profound enough to instruct those who have been on the way for quite a while.

If you have a passion to serve the Lord and to be used by Him, then we have everything you need to rise up and take your place and fulfill the calling that He has placed upon your life.

Pray about enrolling now as a partner of GBM Academy, and feel free to try out all of our schools. You are bound to find exactly what you are looking for.