School Costs

Enrollment and Student Fees

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The New GBM Schools

The School of Prophetic Ministry

The School of Apostolic Ministry

The School of Pastoral Teachers

The School of Christian Business

The GBM School of the Supernatural

In order to gain access to the training offered in these schools, students are required to commit to becoming contributing partners of GBMI and they may choose a monthly contribution according to the levels laid out for partners.

Married Couples

Husbands and wives may apply for a single partnership for both if they both wish to study. There is a partner option for married couples which will allow both to enroll in the schools of their choice.

You can commence your partnership from this web page

Once you have committed to the partnership and paid the first contribution, you may freely enroll in any of the above schools. If your partnership is valid, you will be given immediate access to that school.

Monthly Lecture Access

On commencement of the course, students will have access to the first course in the school.

As you complete a course and submit a short thesis for that course, you will be released with full access to the next course in the curriculum. You have a full year to complete the first year of the curriculum. Then, on completion of the year, you will be given access to the next year of study if one exists for that school.

Each school has a two-year curriculum, except for the Apostolic School, which covers three years.

You may cancel your partner subscription at any time, and you will then continue to have access only to the lectures you paid for. Should you decide later to continue with your studies, you may pick up where you left off.

Existing Partners

Current partners of GBMI are free to enroll in any of the schools. But you will first need to enroll as a student to create a student record. Once we have processed your student application you will get full access to the school lectures.

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