Study Method

This school will be run slightly different to our existing Fivefold Schools and the following new approaches will be used for students.

Full Access to GBM Books

Students who enroll in this school will be given some of the privileges that are available only to Partners of GBMI.

One of these is full access to ALL books on our new GBM Books website. The reason for this is that students in this school will not be permitted to enroll in study courses in our Fivefold Schools while they are enrolled in this school.

We realize that many are called to Fivefold Ministries and would like to still learn more about these ministries while developing a supernatural ministry in the Spirit. So they will be able to study all of the textbooks used in all of our schools on GBM Books at their leisure.

We will be working closely with all students in this school to help move them to a greater experience in the Holy Spirit, and as we mentor and disciple those who show promise, we will recommend materials for them to read that will help prepare them for additional study in all the realms of ministry.

Students WhatsApp Group

All students will be required to have installed WhatsApp on their mobile phones, so that they may be included in a special WhatsApp group available only to students. Students will be able to ask questions for everyone to learn, and also to meet with and interact with each other.

Live Chats

Where possible we would like to also at times have a live video chat using Zoom or Skype. We realize that not everyone may have the data to do this, but for those who do, it will give us an opportunity to interact more closely with you and also impart directly to you in live chat.

Personal Counsel

Students will be entitled to share some problems privately with us for personal counsel and prayer also. We realize that there are some things that cannot be easily shared in the group. So we will make arrangements to either chat personally via WhatsApp or if necessary via video chat.

We want every student to find their place and rise up to become anointed ministers for the Lord.

Credentials and Licensing

Students who complete the course and show ministry potential will be offered credentials and licensing with GBMI to enable them to be recognized as ministers in their own right, and to set up their own ministries.

By becoming affiliate or associate ministries of GBMI you will have a covering of protection and a fellowship with other likeminded ministers and continue to fellowship as ex students of this school.

Lower School Costs

Although we are offering far more, especially in the way of personal involvement in mentorship and discipleship in this school, the fees charged are less than we are charging for our other schools.

We are expecting that those who are trained and receive impartation in this school, will consider themselves part of us and continue to support us over and above any regular student payments.

We make no demands or requirements, but as we have shown you a model of how to give out in love, we are trusting that you will also pick up this same spirit and learn to give out freely from all that God has given you.