How to Study

So you are ready to start your studies on GBM Academy. But you are not sure what to do exactly?

Follow these steps below to get started.

As outlined in the How to Enroll page, you need to be enrolled in a school first before you can start your studies.

Step 1 – Accessing Courses

If you are enrolled, then start by logging into the website using your email and password.

Login button is at the top

After you login to a school website, go to the My Courses button on the top of the page.

My Courses button appears after login

This is where you will see all the courses you have access to. You will see the course name, and below it is a list of the lessons in each course. Each lesson can be clicked to go to a new page for that lesson.

The course title and lessons

If you just started, you will only have access to the first course of the school.

Step 2 – Viewing Lessons

Click on a lesson that you wish to view. You will be taken to a new page where you will see the contents of the lesson.

Each lesson will have the following sections in it:

  • Video Lecture
  • Audio Lecture
  • Text Transcript

You will see the video right in the middle of the page. If you are on a computer you will see the lecture audio and transcript on the right side bar. Otherwise if you are on a mobile phone, you can just scroll down the page to find them.

Lesson Video
Lesson Audio and Text

Some lessons may have multiple ebooks for download or several videos and audios.

You will also find the list of course lessons at the bottom of the page, so you can quickly jump to another lesson in the course.

Step 3 – How to Study

To begin your study, simply select whichever format you prefer to start with. If possible make sure that you can watch the video, because this is the original lecture, and has the most anointing.

You can go through all the lessons in the course as fast as you want.

But we recommend taking at least a week per lesson to let it really sink in. Maybe even view the lesson a few times in all the different formats to really let it sink into your spirit.

These lessons are not just about head knowledge. As you view them the anointing will begin to work in your life and the Lord will use them to change you.

So take your time with each lesson. Then when you are ready, you can continue to the next lesson.

We also have regular WhatsApp group chats every week on Monday and Saturday. So if you have questions about your lessons, you can ask about them.

Step 4 – Study Helps

To help you along with your studies you have access to other reading material as a partner of GBM International.

These include:

GBM Books
GBM Bible

Find them here: Study Aids

Step 5 – Submitting Course Thesis

Once you are confident that you have completed all the lessons in your course, you can finish by submitting the course thesis.

This can be found by going to the final lesson called “Course Thesis”.

The thesis will be a final test to see if you really understood the course. After you submit it, it will be marked by Apostle Les D. Crause.

If he is satisfied with your thesis, then you will be automatically released into the next course in the school, and it will appear on the My Courses page like before.

Then you can begin your studies in the new course and follow the same steps.

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